Kody Zenger

Photographer, Virgin Islands

While digital work rewards attention and skill by the perfection of processed images, film offers the opportunity of greater focus on the moment itself, stolen out of time, and allows the photographer to be surprised by his own creation. This authenticity is the overall signature of Kody Zenger's work; much like the man himself, deep diver into the ocean of art, his art plunges right into the heart of things, leaving no place for superficiality or dishonesty.

Kody Zenger creates and exposes the truth, with gentle hands otherwise occupied to hold a camera, manipulating pictures, or praying for the children. One can only guess what his next work will be; the one certainty is that Kody Zenger's artistic view will never cease to amaze us - again and again, and again.

Selected work of Kody Zenger



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