A Creator’s Process

A letter from Armen M. to you

Who are we” was our introductory piece, meant to give you a glimpse of us, of who we are as people, of our vision, and of what we aim to accomplish. This letter, however, is addressed directly to you, and written from the bottom of my heart. To artists, cinematographers, directors, and photo enthusiasts, thank you for being here. Through each image, you have been inspirational, innovative, vulnerable, and daring. Each of you helped to build this space from the ground up, and to make it into the dynamic platform it is today.

Think Very Little took its first steps on September 17th, 2016. I will always remember the nervousness I felt right before hitting the create button and the reassuring sense of calm and relief that rushed into my body right after. I knew I was walking down the right path, and I am grateful that I get to walk it with you. You have injected life into what would have otherwise remained a mere dream, and I cherish all of your contributions, and each and every one of the stories you entrusted to me. Nothing was overlooked, and no one went unnoticed. That remains true to this day, as I type these words to share with you the next step of our adventure.

The future ahead already lives in our imagination, waiting to be shaped by the art of creation. Every day is a trial into becoming a better artist while remaining true to my ideals and without compromising who I am. If photography is what introduced me to the art world, I matured into filmmaking, design, and music. Still, I seek to evolve in the ever-changing art world, to become a more valuable piece of this puzzle by building a complete, immersive, and cohesive experience where each sense is heightened: sight first, then sound, and even touch. But I believe the motivation behind creation must remain pure. This is the very core of Think Very Little: the belief that the creative process must be honored and preserved, no matter the nature or size of the project that is entrusted into our hands. To do so, TVL must continue to grow. It is time to do more, to accomplish more, to create more. It is time to invest all of my love and devotion into shaping the future that has until now been living only in my imagination.

We are announcing TVL STUDIO.




Armen Mnatsakanjan